Sunday, March 9, 2008

Author websites which promote your book for free

There are websites which will promote your book for free. The ones I've seen seem to have largely altruistic motives, as they are also self-published authors looking for exposure. Some use the promotion to get a kickback on sales from Amazon. Either way, it works for the author.

Here are some which you might like to try:

Anne's Book Corner - offers free book review exchange.

The Book Attic - offers free book review exchange.

Here are some more, added 17 June 2008:

The Story Behind the Book - send in the background story of your book and it will be posted in their blog.

Book Marketing Buzz - send in your request for free publicity.

Beyond the Books - submit a request to be interviewed.

Sheila Stewart's Book Cover Lovers - email Sheila from the link in the sidebar.


Shiela Stewart said...

I think helping a fellow author is only right. We're all trying to break into the mass market and if I can help another author promote his or her book, for free, I sure as heck will. It's tough enough to promote outselves without worrying about breaking the bank.

I do exactly that on my blog, Book Cover Lovers. No alterior motive for me other than I get to check out some delicious books. :)

thethinkingworld said...

thanks a lot for your contribution to help other authors.
I have very rarely promoted my book and when I thought about free ways to do so I came across your site.

Stolle Family said...

I agree. We all need to help each other. Here is my info...
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Douglas Misquita said...

Thanks for this post Carol! I'm going to try it out!!

- Douglas Misquita said...

Get this special book while you can. This is a great family book that is fun, colorful and filled with sensational artwork that is sure to please for years to come.

kimberling said...

Hi Carol,my name is Kimberling Galeti Kennedy and I recently had my first childens book published its called Why You Should Laugh Three Times A Day!And this promoting thing is all new to me, but it sure is nice to see how many fellow authors are willing to help each other!You can check my book out at thank you! Kim

Feedback said...

I went thru self publishing with CreateSpace. I've re-written my novel, but it is one that must be told. Not having much success with sales, but I can't complain yet. Just surprised that it isn't a no. 1 seller yet.

tatejackson said...

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Randy said...

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