Sunday, March 9, 2008

Publish for free

I published my first book in May 2007 with a local publisher. It cost me $8000 for 1000 copies.

Later I found out about Lulu Press ( At Lulu, you can self publish your book for free. This is possible because Lulu print the books as they are ordered, so there is no up-front cost.

Once your book is available on Lulu, it has it's own free web page, and you have your own storefront. All payments and shipping are handled by Lulu, and you get paid once a month. You can also buy copies of your book from Lulu at a special author price.

For the fee of $99, Lulu will also provide you with a barcode, and your book will be eligible for sale through Amazon and similar online retailers.

I have put all my books on Lulu now. At first I did it in order to have access to Amazon, but now I just automatically go to Lulu as it is the easiest and quickest option, and free! You can see my storefront at Lulu and an individual book's web page.

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