Friday, December 12, 2008

Using jokes to spread the word

I was looking for a new and easy way to expand my advertising, and then FunGuppy came my way...

FunGuppy is a jokes and funny pictures site. You sign up for free and enter your ad. Then you wait for the funny emails, and send them on to your friends, who send them on to their friends, and so on... and when those people come to the FunGuppy site to look for more funny stuff, they see your ad, on the left near the top of the page. This is super excellent viral advertising!

You can refer people to the site directly, and you can also post the funny picture of the day on your blog or website to increase exposure.

This is definitely a painless way to get the word out. FunGuppy is free to join. I'm adding it to my toolkit now.

p.s. FunGuppy has added a link submission service, post your link daily here.