Thursday, September 18, 2008

List your book at

HumanMade is a small site offering a listing service for any individual's products. Click on the banner to find out more. At the very least it's another backlink.

humanmade Search & Find Talents


humanmade said...

Dear Carol,
Thanks for posting about humanmade at your blog. humanmade now had migrated from .info to .net domain. So you can access the site by clicking the following link:
For many technical considerations we believe that this change will bring more value to our users and visitors.
Best Regards,

kennectto said...

The title of my book is "The Lupine Effect" it features-
A man,his fiancee,his family, a wolf pack, a werewolf, a vampire, adventure and Love! See at or order it from your local bookseller.

Basanta Shrestha said...

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